Your Guide to The Best Birthday Party Places for Kids by Age

Do you struggle to find the right setting for your child’s next birthday celebration? You're in luck. This guide contains the best places for kids to have birthday parties. We've done extensive research and compiled this list. We have ideas for places to hold birthday parties for children of all ages, so it doesn't matter what age your child is. You can find the best birthday party planners online at

Birthdays of Babies and Toddlers: 1-3 Years Old

You and your guests will remember the first birthday party for a lifetime, but not the baby. Keep it easy and casual. A simple birthday party can seem overwhelming to your baby. Keep the guest list short and the timeframe small.

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Locations that are affordable or free are the most popular for 1st, 2, and 3rd birthday parties. Indoors is the best choice in areas that are subject to severe weather. The party can be held at your home, a friend's home or at a clubhouse or casual restaurant. Any backyard or park can be used for an outdoor party. Remember to smile and have fun!

Parties for Young Children: 4-10 Years Old

There are more choices for places to hold your kids' birthday parties as your child grows older. This is due to children aged 4-10 years having a longer attention span and a greater interest in learning.

Birthdays for Older Children: 11-16+ Years

You can host the party in any of these locations, or even more, for older children. Party guests can be more demanding than usual at this age so make sure you choose something that isn't too childish. Parties for older children are more costly and can last an entire day so plan ahead.