Wood Veneer or Laminate -Which Interior Finish to Choose

Wooden veneer and laminates are one of the most commonly used decorative materials for cabinet surfaces, furniture, walls, ceilings, and much else. Wood veneer is a thin layer of wood properly cut from a thicker log while laminate is a sheet of plated paper and plastic resin glued to one.

Both veneer and laminates are inserted on solid wood sub-bases or wooden plywood boards or MDF composite (middle density fiber boards) which are usually original surfaces (of cabinets, tables, etc.) So you not sure about which one to choose – among wood veneer or laminates collections? Read on for clarity. In this article, both will be assessed based on endurance, aesthetics, affordability and ease of maintenance.

Wood Veneer

Looks great

Because Veneer comes from actual wood, each sheet is different from the other. The embedded natural pattern offers a more organic and high-end display, which is only owned by solid wood surfaces.

Can be colored and textured as needed

Just like solid wood, the veneer sheet can be colored and polished to achieve the intended hue and grain that goes with the design theme. I like how soft hidden light enhances the charm of smoke-stained Oak veneer.

Lasts a long time

Though strength and overall appeal of the veneer application is largely dependent on workmanship, quality installations last long … and longer. Veneers are likely to stay intact for a minimum of 15 years if installed and maintained properly.



Laminat is a machine-made product and, therefore, is easily produced. Their production costs are low and widely available.

Available in various colors and designs

Since laminates are pre-printed, one cannot find natural variations in the sheet like one does in wood veneers. However, other endless designs can be manufactured to choose from.

Due to availability of both glossy and rough textures, laminates can replicate almost all surface finishes including wood, stone, marble, leather and more..Some digital printers produce personalised prints on the sheet too.