What Is Meant By Certified MFi Cable?

MFI stands for "Made for iPhone/IPod/IPad". A company must be certified MFi if it wants to make accessories for Apple.

All MFi-certified companies are entitled to place an MFi logo on boxes containing their products. The logo provides a guarantee that IOS will not reject the accessory. You can also order certified MFI cable for iPhone and Apple online.

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MFi Logo on the Packaging

Lightning cables can only be used to charge, sync, and transmit data from an Apple device if they are MFi certified. A certified cable will be more expensive. But the appropriate money for each cable guarantees its safety. Certified cables are usually cheaper than originals, no matter what you think.

Many cables are certified MFi by many companies. These cables have been in the market for a long time and have been proven to work with Android devices.  Every cable comes with a unique chipset that tells IOS the cable is reliable and prevents the warning message appearing.

You can find cables measuring 25 cm, 50cm, 100cm, 100cm, 150cm, and even 200cm long. You can use your smartphone while charging with long cables.

The short cable can be used only to charge the car's battery or the power bank. The length of the cable does not affect the charging speed or quality. These cables can be used to charge quickly.

It is believed that thicker cables are more reliable. It is not thickness that is important. The connector's base is often the place where elastic cables are most vulnerable to mechanical damage.