Two Major Parts Covered Under The Nursing Training Program

You need to be familiar with the responsibilities and duties of a nurse certification program. Although you might face some difficulties at first, once you get used to them, the training you received from an institute will make it easier when you start working in a real environment.

This is why you should search for a reputable training institution that offers quality online clinical teaching. You can either search online or ask for recommendations from others. This will help you greatly in your search. 

Make sure the institute does not have more than ten students. This is because a trainer cannot focus on every student if they have too many students. Several other factors to consider when searching for an institute include: 

Two major components of the nursing program include:

  • The section on Theory: It is also known as the classroom program. This part of the training session consists of theoretical studies. This is where a candidate learns about the basics of patient and medical care from lecturers, audios, and online videos as well as practical demonstrations. 

This will give candidates a basic understanding of their duties before they move on to the second part of the training program, which is. Practical training sessions.

  • Clinical skills: After completing the classroom portion of certified nurse training at The Manhattan Institute’s School of Allied Medical and Nursing, students would move on to clinical training.

This part of the program is also known as hands-on training. Here, candidates will directly work with patients in a healthcare facility. The registered nurse would supervise them so they don’t make any mistakes and can learn more. It covers many duties such as bathing, feeding, dressing, and taking vital signs like blood pressure, EKG, ECG, etc.