Toxic Baby Food: A Lawsuit Against Heavy Metals

When it comes to raising children the majority of parents are more concerned about the food their children eat and how it's produced as opposed to the long-term consequences of the chemicals they're inhaling. In this article, you'll be informed about a lawsuit that was filed against heavy metals found in baby food.

Baby Food Lawsuit Claims:

A lawsuit was filed against manufacturing companies that allege that the company has utilized the use of heavy metals when making their infant food products due to their "health-harms" belief system. The suit is filed at in the name of a young child suffering from poisoning caused by toxic metals due to consuming baby food products.

Baby Food Lawsuit

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The baby food is contaminated by heavy metals that we give our children. They can cause harmful levels of mercury and lead. This can lead to a myriad of health issues, like impairment in learning, speech problems, or behavioral problems, as well as neurological damage. There's no legal recourse available for parents, or for those who manufacture or make infant food. 

Does the FDA regulate food for babies?

The FDA doesn't regulate the number of heavy metals found in baby food items. Therefore, manufacturers can utilize whatever they wish insofar that they don't go over the limits established by FDA. The lawsuit asserts that this is an issue that is commonplace and at the root of the widespread use of heavy metals in infant food.