The Importance Of First Aid Training At Work

If you are an entrepreneur, the law requires that you provide first aid training to your employees. Although there may not be a rule regarding the level of training, first aid training is still very important for all employees.

There are four main factors that are considered in best first aid at work training in Kent :

The Importance Of First Aid Training At Work

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• First aid: As an employer, you must show notices all over your construction site informing first-aid workers, their name, and where to find them. Trained first-aid workers must be responsible, competent, healthy, and ready to leave their desks in an emergency.

All first-aid workers in the workplace must be trained by a recognized organization and hold a certificate of completion. Additional training should be provided at your workplace so that you can consider site-specific problems. 

• First aid kit: The first aid kit should be checked regularly. Employees should be given the responsibility for doing this and keeping a list. The doctor must have a first aid kit that is easily accessible. 

• First aid room: In companies with a higher risk of accidents. in a chemical plant, a first aid room is required. The first aid room should be large enough to accommodate a sofa and a sink with water. 

There should be clean surfaces and good lighting and ventilation. This room must be accessible to all employees and open at all times.