A Guide to Selecting The Best Home Purifier Water System

Did you know that the water supply is being contaminated by pharmaceutical drugs? The latest addition to the list of contaminants in the water is pharmaceutical chemicals. A home water purification system is the best option once we are able to understand the differences between tap water and bottled water. But how do we find out which home water purifier makes the best water?

Comparing the performance of each product to other options is the key to selecting the best home RO system

coway water purifier

To quickly determine which water purifier system is best for you, compare the following information:

  • Capacity to reduce contaminants
  • System cost
  • Per gallon ongoing cost

These are the most popular home water purifier systems.

1. Reverse Osmosis 

Reverse Osmosis, a 1950's technology that separates saltwater from seawater by passing water molecules through membranes, is now obsolete. Reverse Osmosis removes beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium from your drinking water. The R.O. should be used in conjunction with a carbon filter.

2. Distillation

The process of distillation involves passing water through a heated coil. This causes the water to evaporate and then become gaseous. This process removes water from inorganic substances like calcium, magnesium, lead, and so on. 

Home water purification is an absolute necessity. Once you have a basic understanding of the possible contaminants and the best technology to deal with them, the next step is to research the best brands.