Three Vegetarian Restaurants In Paris

Paris is home to many wonderful restaurants that cater to vegans and vegetarians.

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Jah from Le Tricycle: One of Paris's most popular vegetarian restaurants! Wheat and soya are smoked with beechwood and then placed in baguettes with a variety of fresh salads. Le Tricycle, the first vegan food bike in Paris, serves a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Asian influences are also prominent in the dishes. It is known for being one of Paris's most popular vegetarian and vegan restaurants. For those who are passionate about the idea of going meat-free, they host talks and discussions.

Le Potager de Charlotte: The food at Le Potager de Charlotte has little or no gluten and is free of sugar, oil, salt, and any other additives. It's not bland food, but it is delicious. The use of fresh seasonal ingredients, bold sauces, and the addition of nuts, seeds, and other nuts allow for a wide variety of textures.

Paris Vegan Restaurant offers many combinations such as the chickpea-rice pancake with cashew butter, millet green asparagus curry, and chestnut yogurt and caramelized pecans.

Vegebowl Paris: Vegebowl, a refuge for vegans and vegetarians, is an oasis for both vegans and non-vegans. The small space has plenty of sunshine and wood beams. You'll feel right at home in the city with its warm and inviting atmosphere.

You can enjoy a wide range of deliciously prepared dumplings, curries, and noodles in a relaxed setting. Vegebowl offers whole meals that can be prepared to go, which you can take home.