Higher Things To Consider With Transformer Oil Disposal

Transformer oil can be contaminated if it is spilled or not recycled correctly, particularly if it contains the PCB pollutant. The older transformer models usually contain PCBs. However, the oil must be tested for environmental safety.

A professional environmental service company must deal with oil-containing PCBs. No matter if the oil is free from PCBs or not, it must be recycled or disposed of through a company that specializes in transformer oil disposal and recycling. Many oil disposal companies are equipped to handle the testing and proper disposal of your oil, regardless of whether it contains PCBs. This is not an easy project. Oil seepage in groundwater and soil resources can result in heavy fines and high environmental costs.

It is important to choose a reputable company to handle your recycling and disposal needs. Only work with companies who are experienced in transformer oils disposal and have demonstrated their expertise through years of experience in the industry. If you want the best services for transformer oil disposal browse https://benzoil.com.au/services/transformers-switchgear/

Transformer Oil Filtration, Purification Plant & Machine

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To comply with Federal and State regulations, companies must have the appropriate permits and certifications. Look for a company that has certifications/permits in oil disposal and recycling of oils that contain PCBs.

A reputable company will answer your questions about disposal. Ask about their disposal process and how the oil is tested for contaminants. Also, ask how the oil is recycled depending on the level of PCBs

Reputable companies will take the time to explain the process and give you documentation that proves your transformer oil was properly disposed of. You can reduce your risk by working with a qualified disposal company and following the correct protocols.