Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Whitening your teeth has become popular among Gen-Xers Baby Boomers, as well as teens. It's a great way to draw people's attention to the smile as well as make you feel better regarding yourself and provide you with a younger appearance. You can also search online for the best treatment for permanent teeth whitening.

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If you're skeptical about the efficacy of whitening treatment or had a go but were disappointed by the products available on the market, this article might be of help should you still want to see your teeth appear whiter.

To begin, not all teeth are the same color when they were born. This is crucial to consider in case you're trying to compare your results to those of someone else. You may also be aware that the foods we consume and drink and smoking cigarettes may cause your teeth to get darker over time. 

However, other causes – illnesses or medications, as well as the environment can cause discoloration. If your mother took specific types of antibiotics during pregnancy or when you were nursing, the teeth may be discolored due to this. If your child is taking certain antibiotics, such as those belonging to the tetracycline group at the time that permanent teeth develop this discoloration may occur.

What are the options for at-home tooth-whitening?

Home remedies include products that are available over the counter along with items that can be prescribed through your dental professional. One of the most simple and quickest ways to whiten your teeth can be to experiment with whitening toothpaste. Although they do contain special polishing or chemical agents that remove stains from your tooth enamel, they're not going to alter the natural color of your teeth. 

Make sure you look at an ADA Seal of Approval when choosing your toothpaste. The ADA website offers a lookup tool that will assist you in identifying acceptable products to help whiten your teeth. Many people aren't happy with the results they get with their whitening toothpaste and wish to have whiter teeth.