Tips for Choosing Your Best Sewing Machine

Choosing the best sewing machines for your home can be a challenge. With so many different models to choose from it can be very confusing. You might end up spending more money on a model that is not what you really wanted. There are some tips that will help you narrow down the available models, so you can find the best sewing machine on If you follow these simple tips you will have found the best machine for your home.

First: Look at Reviews – Find out what other consumers have to say about the brand or model you are considering. Check with consumer magazines, online forums and consumer guides to see what people think about the best sewing machines for your needs. While you are looking at reviews, also check to see if the reviewer was happy with the machine. Positive reviews are a good indicator that the user truly loves their machine, and the manufacturer deserves kudos for producing a top-notch product.

Second: Read reviews by professionals. Many professional reviewers will write reviews about the products they use, so keep in mind that even though a reviewer may have only used the machine briefly, they have likely used it long enough to have a valid opinion. Also look to see what types of machines are reviewed by professionals. For example, some sewing professionals will review either a traditional or a modern four-in-one embroidery or sewing machine.

Third: Narrow Down Your Options – Review all the different kinds of machines to two or three different categories. Whether you need a heavy duty embroidery or an industrial sewing machine, there are simple machine options to choose from. Once you've decided on one machine type, start looking at reviews of different types of machines in those categories. For example, some sewing experts may only be interested in sewing embroidery. Therefore, they will look at different brands and different features of commercial-grade versions of the machine in that category.

Fourth: Choose a Brand You Trust – When it comes to a high-end industrial machine, you want to choose a trusted brand name, whether it's a well-known name like O'Sullivan or Zia, or a lesser-known brand like the Seamaster Collection. Brands like Seamaster or O' Sullivan consistently provide solid machines that meet the requirements of both home and commercial users. Look for a similar kind of machine with a similarly great reputation, such as the Xerox Company or Brother. That will help you narrow down your choices.

Fifth: Take a Look At Free Arm Sewing Machines – Most major home and small sewing machines come with a free arm. However, a free arm usually only has one needle threader. If you only need to do a few buttonholes or several small buttonholes, this is fine. But if you're looking to do a lot of sewing, you probably won't be able to get all your stitching done with just one arm. The best machines have both an arm with both needle threads (one in each hole) and free arm options.