Commercial Roof Access Hatches

Roof access hatches are secure roof access points where entry is generally obtained from within the building. A commercial roof hatch can also be appropriate for taller buildings where the height of the building may inhibit the use of an external ladder roof access.

Roof hatches allow for greater utilization of flexibility in their position and access to the manhole can also be accessed through the roof space. Powder coating can lessen the visual impact of a hatch helping it blend in with the building design.

Custom-made roof hatches suit all situations using 1.2mm Galvabond sheeting. Commercial roof access hatches are rigid and manufactured to suit all roof profiles and environmental conditions.

Roof access hatches also require protection on 3 sides against a person falling into an open hatch. This can be done with the use of guardrails where required or with the use of a custom fall injury protection system.

When installing roof hatches pan flashings can be used instead of the standard soaker flashing. This is an option where it is possible to further minimize any potential roof leak.

It is a requirement that all roof entry points, including roof access hatches, have safety signage detailing the conditions and information relating to the entry point.