Patient Specific Flat Slide Sheet

This silicon-impregnated polyester flat slip sheet for patients is used extensively in hospitals and nursing homes. It has a low coefficient of friction. These flat slide sheets are great for moving patients in bed. Slide sheets are very common but you need to be skilled in their handling and transportation. These sheets can be used to move patients to another place, or lift them to their heads.

The patient slide covering have been proven to reduce back injuries in nurses and carers. These sheets come in three sizes to best fit the needs of your patient.

This extra slippy, silicone-coated flat polyester slide film with handles is used by hospitals and nursing homes. These flat slide layers are available in red, silicone-coated polyester fabric. These patient-specific slide sheets are not washable. These sheets are intended to be used by patients during their stay.

There are four sizes. You can use the larger sizes as a slide sheet for bariatric surgery.

Nursing homes and hospitals often use flat slide sheets that can be reused. For patient mobility, the silicone-coated polyester slides sheets provide extra slippiness. Proper training can make it easier to use slide sheets.

For slide sheets with handles, you can choose from teal polyester fabric. To prevent infection, the slide sheets can be soaked in hot water at 80° Celsius. Avoid using bleach or softener, as this could cause damage to the silicone coating. This could damage the silicone coating and reduce glide movement.

The largest and most widely used slide sheet is 100cm x200cm. You might prefer the patient-specific option if you don't need re-usable slide sheets.