Benefits of Normal Delivery in Kenya

Natural childbirth is considered to be the preferred type of birth as it requires minimal or no medical intervention. Nature knows best where biological processes are involved, and medical intervention should only be used when absolutely necessary. Both mother and child benefit from natural birth. Here are some reasons why mothers should choose natural childbirth unless there is a very strong reason to choose something else:

Reduced Risk: Avoiding surgery or medication helps both mother and baby by reducing all risks associated with childbirth. Medications increase the risk of prolonged labor, and can also cause slower development of the baby in the first month. You can check Normal Delivery-Frequently Asked Questions online also.

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Unnecessary Disturbance: If the birth is caused by injections or other drugs, it can cause autism or other neurological disorders in the baby. This disorder can be avoided by choosing to give birth naturally.

 Breastfeed with Ease: Cesarean section is a major surgical procedure that takes weeks to heal. This can be a problem for the new mother as she has to adjust her posture in different ways to feed her baby. 

 Promotes Baby's Brain Development: Childbirth naturally helps increase protein production in the baby's brain, which contributes to brain development and brain function. 

In some cases, women choose to have a cesarean section because of complications during pregnancy. What is clear, cesarean section is not dangerous, but giving birth naturally has many advantages. Using it naturally reduces postpartum problems, speeds up recovery, and makes the baby stronger and healthier.