Important Preparation For Eyelashes Extension

Temporary false lashes are fiddly to apply and can easily look tacky and cheap. Plus they often look unnatural and can fall off easily – not a good look at a party!

Eyelash extensions applied by a beauty professional can look as natural or as glamorous as you like, so you can wake up every single morning with perfect lashes. You can find the best mink individual eyelashes via

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Types of eyelash extension:

1. Cluster lashes

Cluster lashes consist of 5 to 8 blunt-end lashes tied together in a tiny knot at the base. Because they come together at the base, they allow room for more lashes and thus create a fuller, more flared effect.

The only problem with cluster lashes is that, because they're bound together and need extra support, they often get glued to more than one natural lash. This means that when one of the natural lashes falls out, the other will also be ripped out prematurely, potentially damaging the follicle.

2. Individual lashes

Individual lashes are, as you might imagine, individual lashes applied to one natural lash (known as the 'host lash') at a time. When the natural lash sheds, the extension falls off with it, causing minimal damage.

3. Curl

Curved eyelashes are more desirable because they stand out more than straight lashes. Some people have very long eyelashes but because they're straight, the length simply changes the shape of the eye and makes it appear smaller than it really is.

Before you choose to have eyelash extensions you'll probably want to know exactly what you can expect for your money.