Using Loops To Produce Unique Sounds

One of my favorite things about sound loops is the ability to modify them. Using a guitar loop to create the new beat. To use a vocal loop to create a glitch element.

If you don't get it, a sound loop is an audio piece. You can use it to create a drum beat or a guitar riff. If you are interested in using this kind of loop in your music then you can download premium loops at Loopazon.

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There are many ways to modify loops. You can alter the pitch, use equalization to shift the sound's focus, and many other effects. There are no limits to what you can achieve. You never know what you'll hear if you put a Drum loop through a distortion effect.

You can run the same sound through many different effects. You can combine effects. One thing will suffice. Use a compression effect. Compressor software restricts the volume that a track can exceed. Some effects and combinations of effects can cause ear-splitting sounds so make sure to use compression when creating warping loops.

One fun trick that I have used is to import a movie into my production software. I then remove the video from the computer and use various effects to get the sound I want. The result is over an hour's worth of strange and distorted sounds. 

The best part is that the sounds mimic the movie soundtrack, but are not identical to one. What you get is unique. Sometimes it can be quite cool to hear a little bit of sound, but not enough to make out the voices.

Playing and experimenting is the key to creating your own unique sounds. There's always something new to discover, and there are always cool effects that someone can produce.