How To Get Significant Investment Visas to Australia?

The Australian Government introduced the SIV to boost the economy and drive innovation through competing effectively for high-net-worth individuals seeking investment migration. The SIV requires an investment of at least $5million AUD into complying with significant investments for the duration of the provisional visa to be eligible for the permanent visa.

Australian business investment immigration visa is intended for applicants who can invest at least $5million AUD in a complying significant investment fund in Australia for at least the full duration of your visa. This visa subclass carries age and English exemptions and is not points tested. If you want to learn more about Australian business investment immigration visa visit Mygration.

australia investment immigration

Residence requirements are also reduced for maintaining permanent residency and acquiring citizenship. You can lodge this visa whilst in Australia and/or outside Australia.

Key Criteria – All Of The Following Must Apply

At the time that you are invited to apply for this visa:

  • You must be nominated either by Austrade or by an Australian State or Territory government agency (in which case either you or your spouse/de facto partner must intend to reside in that State/Territory)
  • You (or you and your spouse/de facto partner, if applicable) must have net assets of at least AU$5 million, which are legally acquired, unencumbered, and can be used to make your complying investment in Australia
  • You (and your spouse/de facto partner, if applicable) must not have been involved in unacceptable business or investment activities

These are the criteria to get significant investment visas.