Vacation Rental Management – Converting Your Property To Pet Friendly

Property owners who own vacation rentals have to be able to accommodate the needs and desires of guests who might be staying there by providing amenities that will appeal to travelers. The most requested feature that property owners must think about is a “pet-friendly” holiday rental.

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A recent study found that nearly 60 percent of pet owners intend to take their furry family members on a vacation in the next twelve months. To make sure you are a segment of this population it’s not enough to state that you’re accepting pets. 

Your property should be appropriate for animals and be include things like a secure yard and dog beds, water, and food bowls furniture covers and details about nearby pet-friendly activities as well as places to visit. 

If the place is “pet-friendly” and offers “pet facilities” guests are more than happy to pay for the facility. The price you are charged should be determined by the degree to which your area and property accommodate your pet(s). 

If you decide to take pets, be sure to define your pet’s charges and security deposit requirements and the conditions of the description of your property and rental agreement.

Many property owners make the error of thinking that having pets in their holiday property will expose them to more damage and cleaning. If your property is safe for pets, you should consider doing a few improvements that are pet-friendly and take advantage of this massive part of the tourism business.