Give your Home Office an Art Upgrade

We all know home is where the heart is. For a lot of fortunate ones these days it’s also where our office is. Research studies in the West say that Wall Art in a home office will make you happier, reduce stress, and improve productivity.

Workers who worked with art around them also reported feeling happy and peaceful. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing art for your home office. If you’re looking for more information about different art for home office check this out

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1. A photograph or a painting of a landscape

2. An abstract painting

3. A textile-based artwork and many more

Go with your instinct

A bold, abstract painting in a room with minimal furniture and a lot of bright light can be a spectacular choice that redefines that space.

A landscape-themed painting or print can offer an escape of sorts for brief periods that refresh and rejuvenate. We’re also big fans of travel-themed paintings! A wealth of possibilities encapsulated within a frame have the power to make our dream.

Size matters

Large artwork can be impactful on a wall that straddles different spaces. A group of smaller works artfully arranged can make the difference above a work desk. 

Paintings and prints in different sizes can also come together to create order within potential chaos. It’s really about how one visualizes it and becomes comfortable with the setting.