Choosing The Best Seals For Centrifugal Pumps

Mechanical seals are engineered to work with all mixers, pumps and even agitator uses. The design is in line with the requirements of the industrial field and offers rotary or all-round configurations. The components of seals can handle almost every fluid transported by the equipment.

You are able to benefit from advanced centrifugal pump parts to meet your individual requirements. There are a variety of mechanical seals utilized in centrifugal pumps. Before buying them, it is important to take a few things into consideration in order to choose the ideal.

The pusher seals

The pusher types of mechanical seals rotate axially on a rotating shaft or sleeve to ensure that the contact remains with the sealing faces. This helps to compensate for wear and tear that can be incurred on the surface of the seal, as well as any wobbling due to misalignment. They are used in a variety of ways and they are more affordable. 

Unbalanced seals 

These kinds of mechanical seals are used in extremely difficult conditions, where shaft alignment, vibrations, and cavitation issues with fluids are prevalent. They are less prone to leakage and are extremely stable, yet affordable. They are however seals that are designed to be used in low-pressure ranges. 

Conventional seals

They are simple seals that need to be set and aligned on sleeves or pump shafts.

Incorrect selection of mechanical seals can be costly. Apart from leaking fluid from the centrifugal pump, their purposes will be destroyed and there will be loss of resources, manpower, and time and cause safety hazards.