Types Of CMH Grow Lights

HPS is the most common type of grow light. It uses a metal halide lamp that produces a lot of heat. This can be a problem if your plants don’t have an air-cooling system, as the heat will quickly kill them. 

MH lights use a mercury vapor lamp and are much cooler than HPS lights. They produce less heat, which is good if you have problems with too much heat killing your plants. 

LEDs are the newest type of  CMH grow light and they’re growing in popularity. They use small light bulbs that last for a long time. They also produce very little heat, which is great if you have trouble with too much heat killing your plants. 

grow tent

My 8-plant CFL grow tent uses LEDs. So does my 24-plant grow tent? To keep your plants healthy, you have to keep them in a cool room or area that is set up for growing plants. If the temperature gets too high, the leaves will get scorched and start to fall off.

If the temperature drops below 60° Fahrenheit, they’ll suffer from brown and leaf drops. You need to do what you can to keep the temperature where it should be and maintain your CO2 levels at a good level if you want to grow big plants in a small space.

It gives plants a constant level of carbon dioxide without any overhead or side lighting, keeping your plants nice and healthy . Some growers may also use a seedling heat mat, which is another alternative to keeping your plant healthy.