Golf Technology – What’s New?

Golf technique is something extraordinary. The good news is that new golf technology is helpful for professional players. It also gives amateurs a lot of advantages for their game. What factors in golf technology influence amateur play today? 

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Here are some suggestions:

Research by many golf club manufacturers has made the science of tracking golf balls with launch monitors accessible to more PGA Professionals and their club members. 

The launch monitor can track the golf ball from the point of impact, through the angle of launch, up the course, and finally to the point where it hits the ground, including how the ball rolls significantly improved. 

If you asked most amateurs with their drivers about their “bad shots” on the golf course, what answer do you think you would get? After giving thousands of golf lessons you can promise you most golfers will fade or in most cases cut golf balls. 

Manufacturers know this and have introduced golf technology to cover the faces of most drivers a degree or two for sale to the general public. This adaptation of the railroad head design is seen by the manufacturer as design technology.