Know About French Manicures

A French manicure is the best for perfect nails. It is called French because of its origins. It all started in France.

In fact, the French manicure is an American invention. Although it was invented in France about 10 years ago and has been used in nail art for over 30 years in America, the technique is still very popular. 

French manicures are all about elegance. It is all about nails that stand out and are not only the center of attention, but they also look natural. If you want to buy French manicure equipment, then you can search the web.


It is a thin, opaque white line of varnish applied to the edge of the nail. This creates an optical illusion that makes the nail look longer. The nail remains natural.

Steps to a French manicure that works:

1 – Carefully file your nails. After you have removed all nail polish, file your nails using an emery, or crystal file. A metallic file is too aggressive and harsh. Use the file in one direction only, from the edge to the middle of the nail.

2 – Soften your cuticles. Warm soapy water can be used to soften the skin around your nails, called cuticles. 

3 – Apply the white opaque nail polish to the nail's edge. To avoid shaking, sit down and place your hands on a table. Apply the white opaque nail polish along the edge (that's called the "French touch") following the natural curve of your nail. 

4 – Use natural polish. After the white polish has dried completely, apply a coat of natural, clear, or very lightly colored pink, or beige to the entire nail. 

5 – Top Coat. A topcoat is necessary to ensure that your French manicure lasts as long as possible. It will not only protect the polish beneath but will also make your nails stronger and more durable.