Hiring Furniture Removalists Or DIY Removals?

Some people try to save money and do the furniture removal themselves. We have been furniture removalists now for many years and believe we are experienced enough to outline the pros of DIY removals or hiring professional furniture mover in Perth.

There are a few questions that needed to be answered about your removal:

1) How big is your house?

2) How much is there to move?

3) Will it require a truck or just a ute?

4) Do I have any breakable items or items that I definitely don't want to be damaged?

5) What is the access like at both the old location and the new one?

Once these questions have been answered you may already be leaning toward either DIY removal or using Professional Removalists. For example… If you answered that you have a big house, lots to move, some breakable items, and tricky access, then you would suggest it is a job for the professionals. But let's look at the Pros and Cons of both anyway!


– Can save money on labor costs because you (and family/friends) are doing the manual labor.

– Can hire a truck or borrow a ute and spread the removal over a whole weekend taking your time.

– Can look after the fragile items yourself and keep them safe and in your own control.