Tips for Finding a Financial Advisor in Maryland

Getting professional advice from a qualified financial advisor is often a smart move to get the most out of your money. However, many of us can miss what to consider when choosing a financial advisor. It is now really convenient to look for the finest financial advisor such as Edward Jones online.

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Here are some of the most important questions to ask yourself when making a decision:

Does your specialist advisor specialize in the area you would like to advise on (mortgages, pensions, annuities, etc.)?

Some advisors specialize in one area, others cover many, and choosing the right one will depend on the depth or breadth of the tips you seek.

Is your chosen advisor authorized by the Financial Services Authority?

You should consult with the FSA before seeking or paying for any advice. Unlisted companies should be avoided. Every reputable company must be registered with OJK.

Is the advisor you selected independent?

Financial advisors enjoy varying degrees of independence. An independent financial advisor should provide you with services tailored to your needs and offer a variety of products from across the market. 

If your advisor is not independent, he or she can usually only tell you about his own products, which can severely limit your choices. Financial advisors tied to a specific company can help if you just want advice on their specific product and have researched a broad market. Don't be afraid to ask directly if they're really independent.