Tips For Cleaning Your Farm Equipment

The importance of keeping your farm equipment clean should not be underestimated, especially if you want it to operate at maximum efficiency. 

A thorough cleaning also eliminates corrosive herbicide and fertilizer debris and allows you to find problems hidden by mud and dirt such as broken parts and leaks. You can also buy the best farm equipment cleaner through various online sources.

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Ideally, the device should be cleaned after each use or at least before storage. The most efficient and effective way to clean your agricultural machinery is with a hot water high-pressure cleaner. Here are the steps you need to follow when using it to clean dirt and grime from your farm equipment.

Set up the washing station

Agricultural machinery should be washed on an unpaved surface. This allows soapy water to penetrate the soil to filter and replenish groundwater. Washing your equipment on paved surfaces is harmful to the environment as sewage flows into sewers and polluted water flows into nearby lakes or rivers. If you have a well, wash your equipment at least 30 meters away from the well.

Prepare your equipment

Rinse the device with hot water first, then apply a detergent or degreaser at low pressure to prevent the product from cracking. Let the product sit for five to 10 minutes.

Use a detergent or degreaser that has been developed for your particular cleaning task. For example, you cannot use the same product to remove grease from tractors and fruit and juice residue from fruit tree equipment.