What Are The Uses Of Duct Board Panel In Your Property

Duct boards panels offer thermal insulation. The interior surfaces of duct boards panels made from fiberglass are sound-absorbing and provide quiet operation for the system.

Fabric ducting can also be called duct socks, textile socks, or textile ducts. Fabric ducts are made of special polyester material and are designed to distribute air evenly throughout their length. They provide more air to a space than conventionally exposed duct systems.

Fabric ducts boards are not intended to be conditioned air ducts. It is often referred to as a duct because it replaces hard ductwork or metal ductwork. 

They are made with venting to distribute air evenly along the length of any system and provide a more even distribution and blending of conditioned air in a particular area. You can also explore more about duct board insulation at ductus.com.au/products/panels.

duct boards

Fabric ducts boards are also available for use in raised-floor applications. They are available in standard and custom colors, as well as screening options. They can also be found in porous or non-porous fabrics.

It is recommended to use an air-permeable if metal conduits are required to be installed within a given installation. Because it doesn't create condensation on its surface, It can be used for applications that require water to be supplied below the dew point.

Porous materials require less maintenance than non-porous materials because they repel airborne contaminants such as dust.