How to Play Disc Golf Well

Disc golf is not the same as traditional golf. First, instead of a ball, you use a disc. Second, no golf clubs are required. Third, rather than a hole in the ground, the target is a wire basket suspended beneath a basketball hoop with hanging chains a few feet above the ground. Furthermore, the holes are usually about 400 to 500 feet in length.

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Disc Golf - Brundage Mountain Resort

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Disc golf was created in 1976, almost a decade after flying discs were first offered to the public. Tees, greens, par, bogie, hazards, approach shots, and putts are all used in the game, which is played across eighteen holes.

The tee in disc golf is usually a concrete pad and the drive off the tee and subsequent shots are called throws.

Throws are made with one hand either backhand, overhand, or forehand. The first throw off the tee is a backhand shot for distance and should travel at least 300 to 400 feet. The flight path for a right-hander should start out going right, come back to the middle, and end slightly to the left.

Forehand throws and Tomahawks are only advisable with discs that have an over-stable position and are efficient only if enough snap is produced through arm speed and a reverse wrist-cock. Throwing an overhand with discs of mid-rank height will give you the necessary height to avoid obstructions.