Design-Build Will Save You Money

If you don't really know what design-build means, you're not alone. Unless you've been involved in building a custom home, remodeling something sizable or a commercial construction project, the term "design-build" wouldn't likely be on your radar.

Unfortunately, many people that have been involved in building a custom home or remodeling something sizable don't know what "design-build" means or why they would want to experience it until after the first big project is almost over. To get more details about the design build firm you may check it here.

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If they ever sign-up again for a large, complicated construction project, most do it very differently the second or third time around. Some don't ever do one again, going out of their way to avoid needing to, which I wish wasn't so, as it hurts all of us in the industry.

For those of you out there trying to sell existing homes in great condition during this difficult national real estate market, this probably works at least a little bit to your advantage.

Let me start by stepping back to explain a bit about the design phase of the process, then a bit about the construction management part and finally, why you as the customer should take this information and advocate for yourself along the way.

The designers, draftsmen and architects, like all professions, come with very broad ranges of knowledge, skill, experience & price tags. Each is best used for a certain range of design, detail specification and drawing.