Long Haul Investment With San Antonio Dental Implants

The advancement in dental technology means that losing teeth is a thing of the distant future. Patients and dentists alike love these innovative discoveries. They bring with them modern dental equipment and techniques that enhance the dental appearance. Dental implants are now a viable option for replacing missing or damaged teeth. They can also be used to replace dentures and bridges.

Implants: Why? Let's Discover here:

It is important to recognize that progressive technologies offer advanced features and techniques that can benefit all areas of life. Consumers with missing teeth or dentures may want implants. Fixed bridges can only be functional for a limited time after they become worn out.

They can lead to more tooth loss over the long term, as the teeth that hold the bridge may be affected by repeated pullings and strains. The bridge is usually supported by healthy, unaffected teeth. These teeth are reduced to fit the bridging parts, making them more susceptible to dental decay.

Dentures can pose a greater problem because bite forces are transferred onto the remaining teeth, which are usually few and weak. Unsightly metal denture clasps can be a problem. They are a sign of poor dental health and can be embarrassing for the public. Dentures place a lot of pressure on the gums, which can lead to tooth and bone loss as well as mouth sores.

It is possible to replace your denture with implants with just a few visits to the dentist. Multiple implants can be fitted with special attachments, while the corresponding attachments are retained in the denture with firm clips. This can resolve issues such as loose dentures or discomfort. Patients enjoy regaining their chewing abilities.