What To Look For When Hiring A Criminal Attorney in Erie PA

I can tell people what to look for when hiring a criminal lawyer in Erie PA.

Are you comfortable speaking with an attorney face-to-face or over the phone? Does the attorney take the time to get to know your case? Is the attorney open with you about possible outcomes and risks? You should also consider these things when you start your search for a criminal lawyer in Erie PA.

Experience: There is no substitute for real-world experience in criminal courtrooms. This is the most important factor in selecting a criminal lawyer. Each case is unique, as well as the personalities of each judge, prosecutor, and law enforcement officer.

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While it can be more costly to hire an attorney who has been in the legal field for a while, it is often a good investment. As assistant district attorneys, former prosecutors in your district have often been involved in plea bargaining and trial experience that someone starting on the defense side may not have.

Avoid Attorneys Who Promise Outcomes: Criminal lawyers are rarely guaranteed any outcome in a case. Our work is in an area that is full of uncertainty. However, we can give you an idea of what to expect when your case is brought to court.

Communication Skills and Listening: Find an attorney who can clearly explain the law to your situation. Is the attorney able to listen and understand your story? Is he/she able to explain the possible defenses that you might have against a specific charge? You should not leave the initial consultation feeling confused or misunderstood.