Enjoy Your Vacations With Pop Up Tents

Custom tents are a big expense, so it is important to get one that is well-suited to one's needs. There are a number of considerations one should take into account when looking to purchase. Things like the planned use, design, portability, colour options and ease of set-up and take down all need to be factored into the decision.


Custom pop up tents are well-suited to the needs of corporations who need to set up areas at promotional and marketing events. They are highly portable and can be set-up by a single person, so it easily adapts to a variety of situations and locations. 

Ease of set-up is another thing to consider. Many traditional tents require a pole or frame structure be erected which can require numerous people to set-up. It also often requires some knowledge of the set-up procedure or detailed instructions. 

The pop up tent uses simple inflatable supports and there is nothing to construct. An air pump is attached and the supports are up in minutes. No internal or external supports or cables are needed. 

The structure is secured with stakes or weights to keep it from shifting. Another important aspect of pop up tents is design. The material can be manufactured to match any colour scheme.