Know About Cows Milk-Based Formulas For Babies

The chance for developing NEC during the early years of infants can be significantly increased when using cow's milk-based formulas including Enfamil or Similac.

Unfortunately, NEC baby formula may be fatal for premature babies in certain instances. In other instances, NEC may necessitate surgery and trigger a variety of health issues, including sepsis (a blood infection).

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Premature infants usually require specific nutritional plans. The best diet for premature babies is usually mother's milk as well as donor milk (milk that is donated by another lactating mother) or non-con's milk as a supplementation formula. Human milk is easier to digest. Human milk also has substances that fight infections and assist in maturing intestinal cells.

In certain instances, neonatologists or pediatricians might suggest adding cow's milk formula or a fortifier. Common brands of cow's-milk-based formulas are Enfamil as well as Similac.

Although they have known for over 10 years that their products could pose the risk of life-threatening danger to babies, however, many companies do not mention the risk in their products. Doctors aren't able to discuss the dangers, too. If your baby's preterm birth suffered necrotizing enterocolitis due to cow's milk-based formula, you might be in a position to bring a case to recover damages:

A lawsuit for product liability could be filed against the producer of this formula. You may have a case against the companies that manufacture and sell the formula your premature baby was fed.

A medical malpractice lawsuit could be filed against the doctor(s) or hospitals. You may have a case against doctors who provide the products to premature babies instead of breast milk from the mother or donor human milk or other non-cow's-milk-based formulas.