7 Signs Your Therapist Is Suffering From Mental Illness

While it may be easy to dismiss the signs of mental illness as just part of a personality, there are some warning signs that your counselor might be struggling too. Mental illness is a serious disease that can affect any part of the body. You can also browse online resources or online websites to find more information about the mayhall counseling a true devotion to healing.

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It can cause changes in mood, behavior, and thinking. If you are worried that your therapist may be suffering from mental illness, here are seven signs that you should watch for:

1. They exhibit unusual behaviors or thoughts.

2. They have difficulty concentrating or making decisions.

3. They have problems sleeping or staying asleep.

4. They have a sudden change in their work performance or social situation.

5. They develop new relationships more slowly than usual.

6. They have violent or aggressive thoughts or actions.

7. They experience significant changes in their appetite or weight gain/loss.

Possible Causes and Solutions:

There are several possible causes and solutions to the signs your therapist is suffering from mental illness. One possible cause is that your therapist has a mental illness themselves. If this is the case, they may be experiencing symptoms of their illness in their work as a therapist.