Different Types Of Poly Mailers

Poly mailers provide an easy and inexpensive way to ship goods to customers. They offer strong resistance to dust, dirt, moisture, and nuisance. Many types of polymail are available and depending on your application, you may prefer one over the other. To help you decide which mailer is best for your business, we've listed all the different types of custom printed poly mailers from https://copackinc.com/plastic-bags/poly-mailers in the upcoming paragraphs.

Layflat poly mailer:

Layflat poly mailers are your main starting point for any type of postal service. They are basically flat plastic bags that can hold anything from lightweight t-shirts and pants to magazines and books. They provide lightweight protection for items that don't require a lot of additional softening. You can effortlessly employ labels or stamps to flat poly letters, and they can be promptly sealed usually at the time of the manufacturing process.

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Clear poly mailer:

Clear-looking polymers are the ideal choice for any business supplying magazines, brochures, catalogs, or other printed matter. The front of this mailbox is completely transparent, which allows for an excellent presentation of the product upon arrival. Clear-looking polymers are usually self-sealing with easy-to-use tape.

Polly mailer with bubbles:

The bubble wrap poly mailer is a step away from the original poly mailer as it contains a special interior that is softened by a layer of bubble wrap. This poly mailer is ideal for items that don't require a fully wrapped box but still need added protection. Bubble mail is ideal for sending small, fragile items at low shipping costs. They are often used to ship customer jewelry, fine books, small electronics, and more. Letter bubbles usually seal themselves.