Different Categories Of Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifuge pumps are the most popular kind for irrigation purposes. A centrifugal pump carries the fluid through it via rotatory movement. The impeller is the principal device that rotates and draws the fluid in the pump. The centrifuge pump is submerged in water, and its movement transfers the energy of the kinetic force to the fluid that is generated by the motor. In the process of energy transfer, the fluid flows through the pump before it is discharged from the outlet valve. 

However, you can also buy quality farm irrigation water pumps from several online stores. These pumps are divided into several categories. Let's have a look at them in the upcoming paragraphs.

Submersible Pumps:

As the name suggests, submersible pumps are placed just below the surface of the water. It's made of waterproof components. They can be used in lakes, wells, or ponds. They don't require priming. They're extremely efficient.

Centrifugal Pump

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Turbine Pumps:

Turbine pumps can also be used underwater. They're efficient and comparable to submersible pumps. They are able to be used in conjunction with wells, lakes, or ponds. The most commonly used kind in turbine pumps is the vertical pump.

The end-suction centrifugal pumps:

These are among the frequently utilized type of centrifugal pumps. They are usually connected with the help of a rotating motor. They are suitable for use in situations where the water can be moderately deep.

Jet Pumps:

A jet pump or hydraulic lift is able to raise water from a source that is far below the level of the pump. However, they have a less efficient flow rate. They are utilized to lift water from rivers or other water body that is deeper.