Types of Residential Roofing

Homeowners have several projects to complete when they decide to replace their roof. Residential roof projects involve a variety of materials and techniques. After selecting an experienced roofing specialist who offers reliable services in their geographic area, homeowners should research the different types of roofing available. They need to find a roof that is durable and will protect their home, but is also affordable.

Asphalt tile is a traditional roofing material and is still the most popular. They are reinforced with organic felt or fiberglass. The cost of these shingles starts at around 80 cents per square foot installed. Installation is easy, a choice of styles and colors is offered, and maintenance and repair is a simple process. Take the time to visit well-known websites such as https://www.premiumroofingsys.net/ that offer the best residential roofing.

Tiles are characterized by a fiberglass substrate and top and bottom layers of mineral grains and bitumen. Fiberglass is the preferred reinforcement because it results in a more durable tile. Asphalt has water repellent properties, and the mineral grains make the asphalt stick to fiberglass mats. Quality varies between manufacturers, so comparisons and consultation with a professional roofing specialist is recommended.

Many thicknesses of material are laminated and mounted on heavy bearings, resulting in thicker panels. Often referred to as architectural clapboard, this style features shading lines that make it look like slate or wood tiles. Three-dimensional or layered types are preferred by many homeowners and these styles do an excellent job of hiding roof construction imperfections.

Shingles installed in warmer climates usually have a shorter life span, and material, time, and durability issues can reduce life span in other climates. Consumers should consult with experienced roofing experts regarding the best asphalt tiles for their geographic area.