Know About Cigar Factory Tours

Every cigar smoker's dream is to visit the factories of his favorite manufacturers. What seemed like a dream years ago has now become a reality for several companies. Some of the best cigar makers organize annual tours of their facilities, including field and factory tours. You can also look for the best cigar factory trips through various websites.

While some of these tours take place during the festival and include short trips to many of the factories, some manufacturers make special trips to guide you through the entire process. Let's take a look at some of the best cigar tours you can visit.

Drew Estate cigar safari

The Drew Estate cigar safari is probably the most popular solo tour of the factory. Each year the company makes several trips to visit its facilities in the heart of Esteli, Nicaragua. Despite being postponed during the unrest in the country, the tour will resume and start later this year.

You will have the opportunity to visit the fields and factories of one of the largest premium cigar manufacturers in the world. In addition, the company provides you with guest rooms specially equipped for the trip. 

Davidoff factory tour

Davidoff is considered the highest of the high end, so the opportunity to see the brand's work firsthand is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Think of it as an opportunity to see where Bentley is made or as a tour of the Patek Phillipe factory.

This tour gives you the opportunity to see firsthand how some of the best cigars in the world are made. From growing up in the field to the blending process, the opportunity to see how Davidoff is made is a dream come true for many cigar smokers.

Best Things To Do In Tampa With Family

Here are some fun things to do with the family in Tampa:

Bush garden

The initial thing to do with children in Tampa Florida is exploring Busch Gardens. This is a great place to go out and explore with the kids this summer. You can also visit Tabanero Cigars to know more about fun things to do in Tampa.

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You can watch animals from all over the world, see shows and have fun walks. Kids can play in the paddling area and enjoy kid-friendly activities at Sesame Street Fun Safari!

Tampa water bike organization

The Tampa Water Bike organization is an excellent way to travel Tampa's waterways with your family! Their pedal boats are created to stay dry and secure and are suitable for all skill levels. You can choose your own itinerary and attractions to experience your outdoor adventure only on the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa.

Grand Prix Tampa

Another family-related thing in Tampa Florida is the Grand Prix. Enjoy 5 acres of fun at the Tampa Grand Prix Enjoy family attractions like Big Track Go-Karting Track, Castle Arcade, The Family Track, Ropes Adventure Dome, Miniature Golf, and more! The best part is there is no entry fee!

Giraffe Farm Tour

The Giraffe Ranch farm Tour is a unique Tampa kids experience that your kids will definitely remember! This allows families to see first-hand the life of giraffes and other species. With all kinds of safari adventures offering different perspectives, this is a day trip the kids are sure to enjoy!