Guide to Best Strains Of Marijuana All Time

The endless possibilities are one of the greatest things about marijuana. Cannabis's ability to transform into an infinite number of different types is what makes it so attractive.

The popularity of one strain can lead to hybridization and cultivation of many strains from many manufacturers and brands. This results in a flood of flowers that may not live up to the original. You can also buy the best-balanced marijuana strains online.

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However, this also made it difficult for the tribe to maintain its original peak value and integrity. Over time, the genetics become weaker and often interbreed to create new strains. Major strains are fleeting, as is the NY Sour Diesel, New York's revolutionary marijuana market that emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

While still popular, the Sour Diesel you can get at your local pharmacy isn't quite as good as the original cut Manhattanites, which cost $100 per gram in 2007. Not all legends are lost. Many of the legendary strains on this list are still available in good health.

We spoke with some of the cannabis industry's most experienced experts, as well as manufacturers, to determine which strains are the best. There are many factors that can affect the success of a strain, but the most important attribute of a great strain is its smell.