What Are the Various Types of Data Annotation Services?

Data annotation services offer a variety of tools, techniques, as well as trained annotators, to help you get the job done. Training data can include images, video, and audio. Annotation techniques are required for each data format.

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1. Image Annotation Services

Image annotation is one of the most popular ways to create training data in computer vision. Image annotation can help improve object detection, movement prediction, and boundary recognition models.

These are some of the most popular techniques companies use to annotate images in machine learning.

Bounding boxes

Annotation for polygon

Annotation of Landmark

Segmentation semantic

2. Video Annotation Services

Video annotation is another method of data annotation, which is commonly used to aid in computer vision. Data annotators might use frame-by-frame video label tools to annotate pedestrians and road signs in order to train the algorithms that will power an autonomous vehicle.

This includes bounding boxes, polygonal and landmark annotations.

3. Audio Annotation Services

Many machine learning models can be activated by the sound of a person's voice. This includes chatbots and in-car navigation systems. To be able to understand audio streams and use them as training datasets, speech recognition requires specific tools and techniques.

These are some of the services data annotation companies offer in the audio annotation.

Audio transcription

Acoustic data classification

Classification of environmental soundness

4. Text Annotation Services

Text annotation can be used in the same way as image annotation or video annotation. This includes applications such as chatbots and virtual assistants.