All about Anal Fissures

What are anal fissures and how do they work? These are the tears found in the anus, which is located in the mucus lining the anal canal. These tears are often very small. This is similar to a small cut in your finger paper. 

They can also extend to the lower rectum, or into the anus, causing a sentinel pimple or commonly known as a skin tag. This condition is caused by: Abrasions can occur when a person has severe diarrhea or constipation for a prolonged period of time. 

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Constipation is when the anal canal lining is ripped by the passage of hard stool. It is usually due to excessive wiping or overuse of the anal channel. These fissures can be painful, especially when your bowel moves. 

The wounds will become more painful if you touch them with your hands. Every time you pass the stool, the anus will stretch, causing the tear to reopen. This can make it difficult to heal. They will usually heal themselves if they avoid constipation. 

This condition can cause pain, itching, and bleeding. Sometimes, the pain from defecation can last for hours. You might also see blood on the stool and toilet paper. 

You can avoid this condition by taking steps to prevent it from happening. These include stool softeners or ointments. These may speed up healing.