All About Alcohol-free Bartending

Alcohol-free cocktails or "mocktails" as they're often referred to are very popular in fitness centers and spas however they appear on the menus of numerous bars as well.

As people become more conscious of the need for healthy lifestyles, this shouldn't come as a shock. Bartenders have a similar opinion that bartending with no alcohol is equally enjoyable and rewarding. You can buy the best alcohol-free drinks via

 alcohol free drinks

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Making an alcohol-free beverage that impresses customers isn't an easy feat. Certain juices don't work well and other times, mixing the wrong mix (different milk-based juices for instance) produces undesirable side consequences. 

Bartenders learned that women who are pregnant and drivers who are still looking cool are more likely to prefer non-alcoholic cocktails. 

Because when bartenders serve drinks, they are using traditional glasses for cocktails and glasses, and it is difficult for non-bartenders to determine if you are drinking an alcohol-based or non-alcoholic drink. You'll discover that you could even "fake" the margarita, and nobody can discern the distinction (unless they try it).

A tasty drink for Saturday evenings (or every other evening to be honest) will be Saturday Night Shake, made consisting of half a cup of peanut butter, half a cup of chocolate syrup, 1 cup of cold milk, and 2 scoops of vanilla Ice cream. The ingredients must be blended using a food processor for a couple of seconds. Pour into the glass of a chilled highball and drink.