Positioning Of the Forwards within Indoor Soccer Field Layout

If you are playing forward in futsal, it can be very confusing to determine where you should be within the indoor soccer field layout as the game progresses. For this article, here are some assumptions that you are a complete forward, not a midfielder or winger.

Far post

In futsal, the best position for a forward is the far post. This is the pole on the opposite side of the court when you have the ball. If you have a wall in the infield, then after shooting, the ball will be hit towards the opposite post very, very frequently. This allows you to touch the ball and score many goals. It also obstructs the area, makes it difficult for the goalkeeper to see the ball, and makes it difficult for the defender to mark you because they need to make room for the goalkeeper.

Opponent’s area

This leads to another position for the striker in the opponent’s area. This is a further area where you can score a lot. The ball usually floats from the wall to the middle, and you can hit the ball within a short distance. If your teammate hits the ball in the area, this position also allows you to redirect the ball to the goal. Playing in the penalty area will not allow your team to move the ball more effectively, but it does achieve many goals.

Opponent’s central area

If you want to help your team move the ball, go to the center of your opponent’s half. This central point allows you to catch the ball and pass it to your teammates, thereby facilitating movement on the court. You can also turn around and shoot from this area, which can surprise the goalkeeper and turn it into a goal.

There are two more positions in the opponent’s corner and touchline. These positions are not the best for goals, but they allow you to pass the ball to your teammates. Your defense usually passes the ball to the sideline, and you can receive the ball from any of these positions and pass the ball to a running teammate. This can lead to many goals, but not you.

Final words

Generally speaking, in a standard futsal game, you should move between all these positions within the indoor soccer field layout and never stay in one of them for the entire game. A combination of these can confuse the defense and bring many goals for you and your team!