Rules & Regulations to Follow While Playing With Backyard Soccer Wall

Football has rules and regulations in place to make it a fun and entertaining sport for all generations. When you play with a backyard soccer wall, many football rules are in place to make the game flow more smoothly, while others are in place to prevent injury. This article outlines the basic rules and regulations to ensure that the game is played safely and appropriately.


The team shirt, shorts, shin guards with socks, and studded boots or trainers, depending on the surface, are the essential items for participating in a football match. For identifying purposes, the goalkeeper is also permitted to wear gloves and a different colored jersey.

Number of Players

Two teams of 11 players each, including a goalie, compete in a football match. To begin or continue a game, a team must have at least seven players. During a pause of play, an outfield player may swap with the goalie. Official matches allow for a maximum of three replacements per team, although friendly games allow for more.

The Football Pitch

Football is a 90-minute sport in which two teams of eleven players compete against each other. This time is divided into two 45-minute segments. The game’s goal is to score more goals than the other team. A natural or artificial surface, such as Astroturf, can be used to play football. However, the field must be rectangular, with dimensions of 90-120 meters long by 45-90 meters broad.


The referee, along with his two linesmen, is in charge of enforcing most football rules. The referee’s responsibilities include:

  • Keeping track of the game’s time.
  • Giving free kicks and penalties as needed.
  • Dealing with anything that requires a decision.

In the case of a foul, the referee has the option of allowing play to continue if the side on which the infraction was committed gains an advantage.

Offside Rule

Offside is a difficult rule to grasp in football since it occurs when a player is closer to the opponent’s goal than the last opponent’s outfield player. However, to commit an offside offense, the ball must be played forward towards you while you are in that position.

Duration of the Game

A football match consists of two 45-minute sessions with a maximum 15-minute rest in between. The game is extended into overtime when no winner has been established by the end of regular time.


The referee takes football misbehavior very seriously, and if a player commits a significant offense, the referee can punish them by awarding them a:

A yellow card is a deterrent issued to a player. A red card is issued if two of these cards are presented to the same player.

When a player receives a red card, they are automatically ejected from the game. Extreme offenses like severe foul, violent behavior, spitting, deliberate handball, and offensive language can result in a straight red card.

Final Thoughts

When you play football with your backyard soccer wall, then some various rules & regulations are followed by you, those rules are discussed above. You can get some ideas from this article also.