Mental Health Services For The Elderly

One out of five adults suffers from mental disease. A few of the most significant mental health issues that can be found in old years include dementia, delirium schizophrenia, psychosis, and depression.

Elders with mental health issues exhibit abnormal cognitive and behavioral patterns, which are frequently linked to reduced ability to function. Sleep troubles, a change in appetite, and mood variations are some of the other common symptoms that the elderly complain about.

Most of the time mental health issues in older adults that require treatment are often overlooked. Incorrect treatment of mental illness among elders is the main reason leading to the high suicide rate for these people. A lot of them require special mental health care. You can look for the best Rhode island mental health services online.

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There are many causes that lead to poor care for mental health in seniors. The reasons are as follows:

1. In the majority of cases, seniors are reluctant to receive treatment for their mental health problems. They keep occupying their thoughts with a sense of discomfort and stigmas, which is why they show that they are unable to leave their homes and attend rehab centers or a clinic.

2. Our society has not been kind or considerate to people who suffer from mental health issues. Even professionals in the field of mental health are concerned about an elderly person suffering from such a condition.

The attitudes and beliefs of these professionals influence the quality of the medical care offered to patients.