Introduction Of Water Connectors And Their Types

Connectors are specific to the size of pipe being used, a number of differing styles are available which cater for almost all needs of a pipe run. They are highly versatile, used in commercial, industrial and domestic settings.

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Let’s take a look at different types of connector are:

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Water pipe connectors: It can be used to connect water pipes, and also be used to connect your water supply to a faucet. Choose from faucet supply lines, braided connectors, washing machine hoses and much more.

Water Hose Connectors: The water or liquid hose is used in both familiar domestic settings like back gardens, as well as a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments, primarily for cooling and cleaning purposes.

Compression connectors: These are used as internal rings, which are compressed onto the copper pipe. In addition, end nuts are tightened onto the body of the connector.

Cross type connectors: Cross type fittings contain 4 openings in 4 directions. These are connected when there are 4 pipes meeting at a point. These fittings generate more stress on pipe as the temperature changes, because they are located at the center of four connection points.