Information About The NCR Paper

NCR paper, is also known as carbon-free copy paper or CCP. This carbon-free paper is an alternative to carbon paper, which is used to copy handwritten or original prints without the use of electronic devices.

Before finding copies on paper without copies, people wrote documents or used carbon paper more than once. The carbon paper is placed between the paper and the copy. This method keeps the user's finger. The carbonless paper makes multiple copies of the manuscript and is easy to print and clean.

The advantage of non-carbon copy paper is that they are a free alternative to biodegradable carbon paper and are smudge-free. NCR first produced this product and named it NCR without coal or paper to make it an acronym for their company's national cash register.

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Carbon-free copy paper is made from sheets of paper coated with a dye or micro-insulated ink and a choice of reactive clay. The first part of the sheet is covered with micro enzulating paint. The bottom sheet is covered with clay, which quickly reacts with the paint and creates a permanent mark. The leaves are immediately covered with clay on top and painted on the bottom.

When a person writes on carbonless paper, the pressure from the writing boat causes the microcapsules to explode and spill the dye. The capsule is very small, which makes the impression of the print very accurate