How To Motivate Young People

To inspire youth to a positive outlook and to become citizens that you can be proud of in the future, be a role model, be real, set clear goals, use tangible rewards and be genuinely interested in them. You can also use books and movies for inspiration, ask what inspires them and then have complete mastery of a subject. Let us expand on these ideas.

Motivate young people by being a genuine character. Be real. Respond to them with sincerity and genuine affection. Young people will respond to you better if they sense you are being genuine. If you are real these young people know so don’t pretend to care when you don’t.

Your charade would be discovered and you would lose your credibility and trust. Just behave naturally to gain their trust so you can influence them the way you wish. Being real, would motivate them to do your wish. Just be honest and transparent.

Motivate young people to read books by giving them books adapted from movies to read. Make them watch popular movies produced from stories in books, to develop the reading culture. Inspire them to love reading, by watching films made from stories in books.

After watching a film, encourage them to find out where the story line for the film came from. Go further and place a small bet of $1 with them to find out whether the film’s story was modified for the screen production or not.