How to Care for Alocasia Plant

Alocasia is also known as the African mask plant or elephant ear plant but Alocasia is not African at all. It was born in Asia and has an attractive green color that will add a dramatic touch to your home or office. You can buy alocasia plants online from various websites.

Alocasia usually requires a bit more maintenance, so we've put together some details on how to properly care for your new dietary supplement.

How much light does alocasia need?

Alocasia needs bright, indirect light. Store in a bright room, but avoid direct sunlight or it may catch fire.

alocasia plant

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How much water does alocasia need?

Keep the soil moist and water regularly (usually once a week, depending on the temperature and humidity in your home). Overwatering causes wet, dry soil and can lead to root rot and fungal infections. So make sure the soil is moist but not completely saturated with water.

Does Alokazia need fertilizer?

Our plants are grown in greenhouses to grow successfully and comfortably in a home environment so you don't need to fertilize for the first six to twelve months. If you want to add fertilizer later to support new growth, you can fertilize regularly in spring and summer with a standard plant fertilizer diluted to half strength.