How to Build a 5 a-Side Dimensions Pitch?

Football lovers sometimes fantasize about having their backyard 5-a-side pitch. Isn’t it wonderful to have a venue where you can play games and tournaments with your friends and family? A 5-a-side dimensions pitch you could use whenever the mood struck you, without having to worry about other people taking over your field or dogs leaving unpleasant gifts behind.

Do You Have Enough Space?

To begin, determine whether you have enough area to construct a 5-a-side football pitch. Because most families do not have a garden that spans many acres, your garden is unlikely to be large enough to transform into a football pitch if it is of standard size. Football fields can find both indoors and outside. The rise should be about the size of a tennis court to facilitate a 5-a-side game. It’s not large, but double-checks your measurements before continuing.


An all-weather artificial grass pitch is the best scenario because it allows you to play regardless of the weather conditions. If necessary, you can also use a hosepipe to clean the slope and eliminate any evidence of your pets. However, keep in mind that installing artificial turf is the most expensive alternative, so stick with grass if you’re on a budget.

Artificial Grass

You have two choices when it comes to grass. Before spreading grass seed, the first (and cheapest) step is to prepare the space by making sure the soil is smooth, clear of stones, and gently scraped over. The second and much quicker option is to prepare the room the same way as the first and then lay the turf. Turf takes a while to settle in, but once it does, it may use right away.


Of course, goals and nets are required. Because poles and netting must be secure, this is likely to cost several thousand pounds. If you use plastic or homemade plans, they will be less expensive, but they will probably not be large enough and need to be put away after each session. The purposes for 7-a-side teams are more significant.

Kick-Boards and Pitch Marking

Kick-boards make things easier by stopping the ball from escaping when someone kicks it far and wide. If you don’t have markings on your pitch, it will be tough to enforce the off-side rule. To make the process easier, use an aerosol can paint your lines or rent/buy line marking devices.

Flood Lighting

You can only play in daylight if you don’t have any lighting. Because most people work during the week, the only time to play is on weekends, which is inconvenient if you’ve spent thousands of dollars on an all-weather 5-a-side football pitch. Furthermore, the days are too short in the winter to accomplish much playing. Floodlights are the answer, but you’ll need planning approval and the services of a licensed electrician, so add that to your budget.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy your game, whether you follow the 5-a-side dimensions football rules given above, change them slightly to fit the known regulations of your league, or create up entirely new creative rules amongst yourselves for a unique game.